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Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Finding the right things that help us live a more healthy lifestyle take some trial and error. It also takes people investing in that journey… from the inside out. Join us as we take the journey to find all the good things to make our path healthier and more joyful!


Yoga For Real People

While it is nice to show off your fitness, it isn’t about the show. It’s the journey. That 30 second crow or peacock or tortoise or handstand or plow was created by months of work and preparation. Sometimes it takes longer. And that’s ok. Because along the way, you get what you were actually looking for – the ability to tie your shoes, or sweep your own floors.

Great Social Environment

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100% Powered by Love

Learning to love the body you reside in comes naturally to some, but often it requires a little work for the rest of us. This body needs us to figure out how to care for it – long-term. There are no quick fixes.

Built For Tranquility

Finding joy where you’re at, enjoying that next breath, is what it is all about. Joy generates peace and tranquility.


fully qualified instructor

Yoga, Ayurvedic, and Western Herbal medicine along with a detailed study of body mechanics have generated a love of health and wellness centered in the holistic realm.

Nell Kennedy

Yoga Alliance RYT-200, currently working on her 500 hour certification, 10 years of yoga, and so much more


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